The Toolbox Killers: It’s Not All About Them (Part 2)

Marked explicit for graphic details of sexual assault and the murders.

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They Weren’t Satisfied

❖After raping and killing Cindy, Bittaker said it wasn’t very fun

❖He didn’t get the satisfaction from it he was expecting

❖He figured this was probably just the pressure of never having done it before

❖Obviously he’s decided he isn’t done and wants to give it another shot

Andrea Joy Hall

❖Born October 21, 1960 in Ohio

❖Grew up in the Akron area

➢Northeast part of Ohio

❖Moved to Los Angeles, CA in February of 1978

❖She would write letters home regularly

❖Didn’t have a job

❖Kept a steady income by donating blood

❖5’ 7”  140 lbs

July 8, 1979

❖It was only 2 weeks after Bittaker and Norris murdered Cindy that they came across Andrea Hall

❖She was hitchhiking along the Pacific Coast Highway to get to her boyfriend’s place

❖The car that she first got in took her as far as Redondo Beach, but she was looking to go further

❖They took the opportunity to offer her a ride

❖Norris hid in the back to make it look like Bittaker was alone

❖She accepted the ride

They didn’t wait long before Norris attacked her


Back to the San Gabriel Mountains

❖They went further into the mountains than they had with Cindy

❖They then raped her

➢Bittaker twice, Norris once (see notes for why)

❖Bittaker then forced her to walk uphill naked and then perform oral sex on him

❖He then made her pose for pictures that he took on his Polaroid camera

❖They then took her even further and Bittaker made her walk up another hill

❖During this walk, Norris went to buy alcohol

❖When he came back Andrea was gone but Bittaker had two very disturbing Polaroids

❖After taking the photos he shoved an icepick into her ear (35:04)

❖He then manually strangled her before throwing her body off a cliff


Jacqueline “Leah” Lamp

❖Born October 18, 1965 in California

❖Had just finished Junior High and was excited to start High School

❖Her mother had bought her a new wardrobe for it

❖She and her friend Jackie Gilliam decided to go to the beach together


Jackie Doris Gilliam

❖Born March 17, 1964 in Wisconsin

❖Her childhood friend said she was amazing and genuinely a happy person

❖The most recognizable photo of her she has a big smile and her friend said it was so genuine

❖They liked to hang out at Santa Monica Beach

❖She told her friend she was going to Redondo Beach to stay with her stepsister

September 3, 1979

❖Jackie and Leah were at a bus stop near Hermosa Beach hitchhiking

❖They were only about a block away from the beach, so it’s unclear why the were hitchhiking

❖Bittaker and Norris offered them a ride and they accepted

❖Once in the van, Norris offered them marijuana which they both accepted

❖They noticed that they were starting to veer off course from the beach but were headed towards the mountains


Jackie and Leah Put Up a Fight

❖Once they realized this was happening, they stood up to the men

❖Bittaker and Norris tried to come up with excuses, but the girls weren’t falling for it

❖Leah (13) tried to open the sliding door, but Norris hit her in the head with a bag filled with lead weights

❖This knocked her unconscious and gave him a chance to overpower and bind Jackie

❖While he was doing this, Leah regained consciousness and tried to get out again


2 Days of Torture

❖Like the two before them, the men drove them to the San Gabriel Mountains

❖They were repeatedly abused both sexually and physically

❖Bittaker decided to audio record himself raping Jackie after he found out that she was a virgin

❖He really seemed to focus on Jackie

❖They also took Polaroid pictures of Leah

❖This torture lasted two days

❖They took turns sleeping in the van with Jackie and Leah

➢One would sleep in the van with them while the other would keep a lookout


Double Murder

❖After they decided they were done with the girls they discussed how they were going to kill them

❖Norris apparently suggested Jackie get a quick death as she had been mostly cooperative, but Bittaker said “No, they only die once anyway.”

❖He then stabbed her in both ears with an ice pick and strangled her

➢The handle broke off so the ice pick was embedded in her skull

❖He then took Leah out of the van and yelled at her, “You wanted to stay a virgin; now you can die a virgin”

❖Norris then hit her over the head with a sledgehammer before Bittaker strangled her

❖He thought she was dead but she opened her eyes, so Norris began bludgeoning her over the head with the sledgehammer repeatedly again while Bittaker continued to strangle her

❖They were both thrown over an embankment down a steep ravine

❖Unlike the previous two victims, they were found and partial remains were recovered


***End of Part 2***



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