The Sleuths

Breya (She/Her)

I’m in my mid-twenties, but am a grandma at heart who would prefer to cozy up at home researching true crime with a warm blanket, fuzzy socks, and a cup of tea. My favorite tv show is Criminal Minds and my dog, Mylo, will curl up and watch it with me before we go to bed. I’m fluent in sarcasm and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’m into true crime because I’m fascinated with why people commit crimes and how people could think that way. What I bring to “Sleuth Be Told” is that I tell stories in a way that draws others in and makes them want to hear more.

Jennifer (She/Her)

I’m a New Yorker, currently living in the Northern Virginia area. Shy & reserved at first until I get to know you, then am more sarcastic and less inhibited. I possess a bachelor’s degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences, with a minor in Criminal Justice. HUGE sports fanatic for my beloved, yet frustrating, NY teams: Giants, Yankees, Rangers, Knicks. Since I have a decent amount of time outside of work, and in my off seasons (sad face), I enjoy reading (love Janet Evanovich’s numbers series), playing video games (Playstation girl), and understanding the “whys” behind those that kill, maim, or torture. I bring the psychology angle to the stories you’ll hear on our “Sleuth Be Told” podcast.

Tina (She/Her)

I am a proud Baltimore, Maryland native now living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. I spend my free time reading (aka book-collecting), working on my history degree, and figuring out new ways to make chicken thighs tasty. I’ve had a general interest in computer technology since elementary school. As I have freelanced in web design, media production, and indie film/documentary direction, I bring those skill sets to supplement those of my podcast compadres. Although many consider me an extrovert, I enjoy listening to others talk, hearing their stories, and absorbing their perspectives more than sharing my own.