Monsters, Nightmares, and the Occult: The Mysterious Disappearance of Katarzyna Zowada (Part 1)

Hold on to your dermis, epidermis, and epithelial cells my friends because this is going to be a graph-ic one. Get it? Like skin grafting. (Pause for reactions) Well now that I’ve given you a little insight into this week’s case. I can officially say we will be discussing the murder of Katarzyna Zowada in…

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The Staudte Family: The Antifreeze Murders (Part 2)

An Investigation Ensues (Finally) June 11, an anonymous tip came to police accusing Diane of being responsible for 2-3 homicides (1) June 13, an investigator comes to the hospital where Sarah is being treated He heard about some of the things Diane had been saying, like talking about her vacation while her daughter is literally…

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Patreon Episode Link: BONUS CASE #9: The Haunting of Lake Lanier | Sleuth Be Told on Patreon Lake Sidney Lanier is one of the largest and most visited lakes in the United States. You would think if everyone was spending time there it would be deemed pretty safe, right? In reality, it is covered in…

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